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Eric Thompson
Name Eric Thompson
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Age 31
Joined 456 days ago
Hobbies Martial arts, Siberian Huskies, snakes, family, movies
About Me I am a medically retired from the USAF who loves the ellen show. I even watch the ellen show everyday at work (but shhhhh don't tell my job or they will take away the best hour of my day). Married, father of 3 boys , 1 girl, 2 female siberian huskies and bobbett the snake.
Eric Thompson
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456 days ago
I watch your show all the time and I think you’re the best. I check the news everyday to see what’s going on in the world today. Right before I clicked on science tab I was thinking I should youtube Ellen to get my laugh on but I said later. When I clicked on the science tab I was confused. I thought I was having Ellen fever when I say your picture with this article. I thought I would be great thing to show you with my first entry to you. Congratz you are the “comet of the Century”
_Eric Thompson, Las Vegas NV
If they fixed it, i have a print screen shot of it. Just didn't know how to add it to the comment.