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eric helland
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Hey Ellen,Names Eric,i'm 47,i live in connecticut.Anyways,i just wanted to let you know what my sundays consist of,watching your clips on youtube where you help so many good people,ya actually make a grown man cry,lol.I'm pretty much like everyone else after the economy went to hell,i work in construction driving a tri axle dump truck,in a matter of two weeks about 8months ago,i lost my home,car and pretty much the only thing i really loved,my harley,my credit went from great to basically crap.Two months later,one of my my old boss called me to see if i was looking for work,i said yes and ive been with them for almost 8months already.I found a small place,my folks help me get a car but im having a problem with getting the most important thing in my life,a harley.Its my passion,ive been riding for almost 30years,words cant even describe how i feel about riding,its basically my therapy.In saying all that,i'm not looking for a handout but is there anyway you can contact a harley dealer in connecticut that will work with me on payments?Ive done a lot of good things for people in my life,my family and friends can attest to that.Ok,i'm babbling now,lol,anyways,i figured it wouldnt hurt to ask ya,if not,thats fine too,i'll always love watching you help people that are really in need.Take care ellen,Eric in Wallingford,Ct