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Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch
196 days ago

Thank you for Mark Walberg....his words of respect for our Military were so heartwarming. I only have 2 children! both boys! my oldest just got Honorable discharge from the US Marines. He served in Okinawa, South Korea, Southern Afghanistan. I am so greatful he came home ok.
My second son is a US Navy SEAL..I can't tell you as a mother of a SEAL what the feelings are that roll through you, fear, pride, wonder. Over two years of the most intense training in the world. I cry all the time when I hear stories about what the SEAL's go through. I have met Marcus Luttrell, I have met Mike Murphy,s Mom, I have met Dan Healey,s Mom (he was in the I attended the Commissioning of the Navy destroyer USS Michael Murphy in NY City. My son has done "the Murph" excersize routine. He wears the 60 lb vest when he runs. I had to mail him that vest UPS I won't tell you what that cost me.
So often our men are forgotten, I wish our current Administration had more respect for them. Maybe this movie will make people more aware.
I read Lone Survivor, I read SEAL of Honor, I read Service, EVERYONE needs to read these books to be more aware of what these men go through. I cried my eyes out when Mike Murphy's Mom saw the "Men" approach her front door. she knew when she saw them.
Please do more shows like this to help make people aware.
Thank you, Navy SEAL Mom.