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emmanuelle faraut
Name emmanuelle faraut
Location saint germain sur avre, france
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Hobbies listening every kind of music,reading,cooking,sport, travelling
About Me I used to be a yearling manager,in a thoroughbred stud,in ireland and australia..been travelling a little bit,i'm now back in france and I'm not to sure what to do now,so if you need one more person to work with you,i'm up for it..
emmanuelle faraut
P!nk Is on Ellen's Season 10 Premiere!
683 days ago

10 years that's awesome,congrats Ellen..I lived in ireland and australia,where I could watch your i'm back in france and unfortunately I can't watch it anymore :-( I guess i'll have to move again soon!!!
I promise to myself that I will come to see you live in 2013,so if you see a crazy french girl screaming and dancing like crazy in the audience,that will be me.. :-)
let me know if "one direction" comes to your show and i'll book my tickets straight away..:-) I'm 30 but I do like them..
you are an amazing person and you make lots of peoples life easier and happier,by helping them and also just by watching always makes my day :-)
gonna have to watch you online..
take care,