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Emma Joe
Name Emma Joe
Location Surrey , B.C.
Age 41
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Hobbies Making dream catchers, earrings,lighter cases, pen cases, and love to help others in the recovery house I'm living in, i am a weekend relief worker for the staff so that they can have some self care time because in this field you need that time for self care or it will be hard to work effectively with the clients that suffer with addiction and when dealing with the feelings that go along
About Me Hi Ellen My name is Emma Joe and i am 40 and i have 5 kids but there not with me because i am in recovery house dealing with my past in order to move on w/my life,i have abuse that has happened to me in foster homes and out of foster homes,and how addiction started from generation to generation to generation and i lost both my parents to this disease called addiction, i did have 2 years clean 3 times but my last relapse has been off and on since my mom past away in 2008, before she past away in 2008 i was working at the Mission Indian Friendship Center as the Community Health Worker and i was going to school to be an addictions Counselor because when i was clean for the 2 years i found what my calling was and that was to be an addictions counselor because its been known that the best counselors are the one's that been there and done it, so when i have my kids back in my care, after i am done with treatment and my long term goal is to be an addictions counselor and to have a safe place for youth to go to, so i would love to build a youth center in Mt. Currie this is where my people are from,Our reserve is Coast Salish people we are 15 to 20 minutes from Whistler, and would love to teach the youth more about our tradition when i learn more about my tradition because of been in different foster homes i didn't get a chance to know my tradition anyway this is my dream i would love to open a youth center that provides a safe place and counseling for the troubled youth, and would like to go back to school to finish off what i started because when my mom past away i was just about finished with school for addictions counseling, i had 2 re-writes and 2 exams and i would of had my Diploma so this is what i would like to do with the money if i was to win and i would like to help my family and give to a charity that helps addicts trying to find themselves anyway I love your show Ellen and i like it especially when i see you helping others in need of help,your an inspiration Ellen love watching your show and how you help others that are struggling in a different way then i am but still struggle goodnight Ellen love to hear back from you
Emma Joe
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602 days ago

I love your show Ellen your an inspiration to me, i love it when i see you give back to others not only in need but to your audience, which i wish i could be, i watch your show everyday that i can and our time is 3 pm sometimes i am taking care of my appointments and working on getting my life back in order because of my addiction i lost what was most important my kids and my clean time of 2 years and i didn't get to finish school to be an addictions counselor and i was working at the Mission Indian Friendship Center in Mission BC. and i want to be able to give back to my community and that is to provide a youth center and that is in Mt. Currie BC that is 15 to 20 minutes from Whistler BC.anyway love your show Ellen and thank you for inspiring me to continue with my dream and that is to keep giving back