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Emma collier
Name Emma collier
Location Dublin, Ireland
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About Me I'm a mommy to a beautiful little two year old called layla, and I'm irish ♥♥♥
Emma collier
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270 days ago

hello, I come all the way from Ireland. name is Emma collier. A two year old daughter & I value my family. I know how important and precious loved ones are to one another. I am writing to you Ellen about a women I happened to come across on Facebook. Her name is Jennifer doolabh. she is situated somewhere in new Zealand. Anyways this women was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early twenties, she has endured so much pain and probably one of the hardest things a women could endure, loosing her breast. still she smiled.though despite fighting the cancer, she recently received news that cancer has spread and she was given a short six weeks to live. The most amazing thing is she found out she was pregnant during her treatment, she is now round 27 weeks, though they are trying everything to keep her alive until her baby is at least ready to come. she is carrying a son. she is already a mother to two beautiful kids, she recently got married, very hard to see, I know I don't know her but she is an inspiration to all women, especially the ones who suffer enough. I am praying every night in hope that she can receive the best treatment before she runs out of time. Her Facebook is Jennifer doolabh, and she set up a page to make breast cancer awareness pick up, it's called hi, im Jennifer and I have breast cancer. Anyways, I heard that in America, you guys hav the best treatment for stage four cancers. I just think this women deserves a break, her kids, her unborn son, her new husband &family. I don't even know if I'm writing in the right place but I pray to god that someone sees my message and mab will have a look for her page before its too late. Thanks guys