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Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
555 days ago

Where do I begin...? Firstly, if you ask my friends, most of my quotes start off with "Today on Ellen..." or "yeah, did you see them on Ellen?"
Love your show and have only been to America once and tried to get on but silly me, didn't realise you would be booked out about 4 months in advance - I tried about 2 weeks before I went to LA!!
My boyfriend and I often sit and watch your show (even when I'm supposed to be studying!) and eat our lunch over your hilarious comments and fabulous guests!
Would be an honor to even be in the same building as you and you inspire me greatly to live a better life and push to have gay marriage legalised everywhere (very dear friend of mine would love to marry here but can't...)!
Can't wait until you arrive to see how much funnier you can get with all the Aussie jokes that I'm sure you've got tucked away!!
There are many more deserving people in Australia and I would gladly have them take my seat but just wanted to enter on the off chance...! x