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Win a Pair of Tickets to See Bruno Mars on Tour!
151 days ago

Let's start off with saying what a major fan I am of your show! Well obviously, or I would not be on this site with an account entering for a giveaway! And I also LOOOOVE Bruno Mars! I am a proud hooligan and forever will be! Again, I wouldn't be entering for this giveaway if I wasn't!:) I have been trying to get tickets for this second North American tour of the Moonshine Jungle of his, but couldn't! He did not have a show in Utah, and everything was too expensive due to gas and traveling! Otherwise I would have totes bought my own tickets! THIS IS WHY I'M HERE! I would die for tickets! Well, of course I would live to see him perform, but I would probably die afterwards, due to too fast of a heart rate or something (if that's possible!). SO ALL I'M ASKING FOR ARE TICKETS! You have no idea how consumed I am with Bruno Mars, he is like my God. I praise him, literally. I have NO room on my phone due to hundreds and hundreds of pictures of my king Bruno Mars. SO YES, TICKETS WOULD BE THE DEATH OF ME! And I would love to go!!!! Thanks for reading! If you did...ahahah;D