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Emily Schwartz
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Hi Ellen!
I was watching your show today and thought I would let you know what I want out of life! Well, I'm currently a university student in Canada, but when I'm older and have my own place I really want to have a dog rescue. A year ago I adopted a border collie mix from the SPCA and he's really inspired me to make a difference and help problem dogs and find them new homes. A big hero of mine is Cesar Millan, and I would love to carry out his idea of re-homing dogs and giving them a second chance. Nike, the dog I got from the SPCA is the most loving and gentle dog I've ever met, and it bothers me that dogs around the world are being euthenized without getting a second chance. I've always been a dog lover, but my dog has truly fostered my love and made me realize that everyone can make a difference, and when I graduate I'd love to start working towards my dream!
Thank you for letting me share this with you!
Have a Merry Christmas!