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Emily Price
Name Emily Price
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Hobbies volleyball, dance, singing, art, piano
About Me I love one direction to pieces.
Emily Price
See One Direction on Ellen!
623 days ago

Hi Ellen! My names Emily, I'm 16, and I live in southern california. I've been a major directioner for over 1 year now....and have been waiting for you to interview the boys for AGES! I was wondering if you could please ask them on AUGUST 4TH 2013 I WILL BE IN THE 4TH ROW SEAT 29 AND IF THEY COULD PLEASE COME DOWN AND HUG ME AND MY BESTFRIEND DANI (also major directioner) that would be the most thrilling and amazing expericance ever...I just want to meet them/ hug them SO BAD. you have to understand..........xxxx love you ellen