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Eloise V. Price
Name Eloise V. Price
Age 63
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Hobbies watching old movies love AMC and TMC,
About Me license vocational nurse for 45 years hope to retire soon 4 children all single excited first wedding next year maybe grandkids before I die just have grand pets single buried two husband come from family of 10 lost mom ,and kids father this year looking forward to a new prosperous year keep all my family and friend healthy and well nightshift worker always watch your show on off days when not sleeping your a great human being always helping others thanks for all your charity work.
Eloise V. Price
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228 days ago

Just saw Tom Hanks favorite actor. Merry Christmas to you. Nursing for 45 years Will be working Christmas Day patients are in need. Try to watch your show on my days off if not sleeping on night shift. Thanks for being such a giving person. God bless you and your family. P.S. Happy New Year!!!