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Ellie Wright
Name Ellie Wright
Location Port St Lucie, Florida
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About Me I am a 62 almost 63 year old women that loves life! My husband and I look forward to watching your show everyday you make us laugh! we are totaly broke but we love life and live it! I am one of the luckest people in the world..we have always had a very full life rich with wonderful friends and children! our life has been a hard one with many ups and downs! But we will always make the best of everyday. Now after losing my job in '10 I started a cleaning service to make ends meet..everything helps, Jeff my husband had a massive heart atach in 2011 after being unemployed for a while the stress was hard on him..we have lost our home went into a rental we gou evected from that home because they were losing it. we have settled into another rental and scrape every month to make ends meet but to make a long story short we are very greatful for having the life we have had and to have the friends and children we have we are so blessed, we could not ask for anything more in life. Thank you for being there everyday for us!
Ellie Wright
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219 days ago

Hi Ellen, My husband and I watch you everyday! He races home to watch you. Thank you for all you do.