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Ellie Reed
Name Ellie Reed
Age 65
Joined 244 days ago
Hobbies sew,crochet,gardening,cooking.and taking care of my chineese crested (dog)
About Me Iam 4ft 10 in, and due to a car accident my weight is about 300 pounds, I dont know when I have felt this bad, Both my knees was smashed, Now I have to use a battery driven 3 wheel scooter. Which I need to be gettig another one, Every Saturday I go to cascadia nursing Home and call bingo for the seniors. I have a husband who is 81 yrs old that I take care of. I do my best with what I have to work with. Each morning when I can get up and look in the mirror, and I see me looking back, Its going to be a good day. ONE day at a time. Enjoy each day as it will be our last. A kind word to those we meet. That was some of the things that keeps me going each day. Thank you for making my day Ellen You are a very special person, Keep up the good work.
Ellie Reed
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243 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving, You make my day, Thanks for being there, I have
followed your life, since you began as a stand up comic, and You are
now very seasoned, and Just as special as you always have been. Iam
going to be 65 in December,its been that long. You are great, a very sweet spirit, and a heart of Gold.

Always will be a great fan,