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Hobbies talk shows you are #1 reading game shows traveling although I haven't did any in 10 because I'm a g-mother raising g-children. A I love hearing the sweetness of a beautiful voice singing, even I
About Me I am a 65 yrs old g-mother raising grands. 10 yrs ago I took custody of my grands and their siblings 6 of them after their more was locked up. now I have 3 plus one will be coming back to live with me.the oldest 2 was to much for me to deal with. I legally adopted my bio grands so they would not get caught in that system again. I had 5 1 deceased 10 yrs ago. I believe every child deserve the best chance at life even if they do mess up. its not your fault. I also gather food milk or clothing to help other children. I get lunches and milk for a source that plans to throws it in the garbage and take it to food shelters to give to others. I just love helping people. someone has to care.
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Hi Ellen can't wait to see what good things you have in store for us. A good laugh etc. We can never watch your show and leave the seat the same. Always enjoy it,Keep being you. Ms Ellie

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Hi Ellen our names are almost the same we are good people we have as they say old fashion names. I enjoy watching your show and maybe one day my name will be called for some of your great gifts. your and your show have been a blessing to so many peoples and I am sure they appreciate and still thanking you to this day. keep up the good work more success with your show. keep being you.