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Ellen Jaffe Jones
Name Ellen Jaffe Jones
Location Holmes Beach, FL
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Hobbies writing books, winning 5K (or shorter) races in my age group, speaking all over US about how much cheaper/healthier beans are than animal proteins
About Me 18 years as TV investigative/consumer reporter (2 Emmys, National Press Club Award), turned certified personal trainer (AFAA), certified running coach (RRCA) whose mom, aunt & both sisters: breast cancer (and way more) inspired me to write my publisher's best seller "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day." Since I've eaten this way so long, I got tired of seeing so many news stories that said you can't eat well on a budget. My life is an experiment to beat the odds, the media say.
Ellen Jaffe Jones
Padma Lakshmi's Pondicherry Lentil Salad
567 days ago

So many varieties of lentils, including very small ones, which are so tasty and can easily take the place of meat. My fav bean since I've been vegan 32 years...just placed 3rd in State (FL) in the 200, 400 & 1500 meters in the Senior Games, 5th oldest female to finish the Palm Beaches Marathon ' yeah, you get plenty of protein.