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Ellen Gardzalla
Name Ellen Gardzalla
Joined 233 days ago
Hobbies Paper crafting, reading and my Black Lab.. Jaxx
About Me ok this is kinda hard : Married white female> I'm Wife Mom & one of the best things a Nana!
Ellen Gardzalla
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233 days ago

Hi Ellen .. Yes Ellen is my real name also!! I would love to be entered in your 12 days of giveaways, and I promise I will donate it all! I just want to say after 52 years I've won something!

I am very blessed we don't need for anything. I Just want to say thanks for the 1 hour a day I actually laugh and really smile which doesn't happen very often since my husband was transferred about 8 months ago and I've stopped working so I really haven't met anyone in this town we've moved to. I'm 160...0 miles from all my friends and 10 hrs from any family.

Thanks for the sunshine you bring into mine and everyone else's day