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Name Ellen
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Hobbies Hot air ballooning, koala collecting, shopping
About Me I have two dogs, they will be six, Jan. 2013. I live around the block from my mom and since we are so close she doggie sits for me when I have to go into the office. I usually spend my evenings with her.
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439 days ago

not sure what season (maybe 9), doesn't seem that long ago.
but you showed what happened before the actual taping of your show.
Pre-show, testing, run through - whatever you call it, but Ellen was sitting in her chair with a basketball hoop setup behind her - she didn't look, didn't get out of her chair and flipped the basketball over her head and made the shot - she repeated it several times, and made each one - Ellen is amazing (in everything she does). But during the show, she missed, but I believe that was because of the jacket she was wearing. Way to go Ellen, I tape your shows and watch in the evening.

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446 days ago

All the "ellen" shows are great and I hope the selection for Season four includes the phone call to Gladys; it was great because you also got to enjoy your show as much as all your viewers. Thank you for being you and doing all that you do. ERF