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Although asking for help does not come easily for me, I will do anything for my daughter. I am reaching out to Ellen because I know she loves animals and I need help to make my daughter's only Christmas wish come true. My 13 yo daughter, Kelly, is awesome. She is a straight A student, runs cross country and track, plays soccer, and has been an active Girl Scout since she was in 1st grade (she is currently working on toward her Silver Award). Her only wish for Christmas is a dog to love. We have allergies in the family need a hypoallergenic dog. She would really like a mini-golden doodle, bichapoo, or maltipoo. She wants to name her Zoey because I have always wanted a dog named Zoey. My husband is saying we can't afford a dog. We are a one income family and have 3 children (son Kiernan is almost 12 and daughter Kaitlyn is almost 9). We have braces for the other two plus college to think about. I look at it as Kelly will only be in our house for another 8 years or so and this is the only chance she will get to grow up with a dog. She is such a great kid and I just want to make her happy. Please pass my request for help onto Ellen...I have created a page to try to fundraise some money for a dog, but haven't been very successful. the link is:

Thank you so much for any help you can offer--God has blessed you for all your good deeds! Merry Christmas!

Ellen Irons
Holliston, MA