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ella joyner
Name ella joyner
Location orlando, florida
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Hobbies crocheting,cooking,watching t.v.
About Me I am 81 and until last Sept .I had worked 9 years for Universal Studios-Orlando Before that I had worked in The electrial field- I worked in Michigan for Burroughs years ago and we made the harnesses that went into the astroship that went to the moon.Very interesting. I think it took 7 miles of cable. Ella Joyner
ella joyner
Fergie and Day 6 of 12 Days!
590 days ago

You do so much good for everyone.Love you Ellen, I watch you every day.We have a tornado warning on , near Apopka,Love you. Thank goodness your show has been already been over.I will go hide in the tub( that is what the news man said)Bye.

ella joyner
Message from Ellen
591 days ago

I love your show.I watch it every day as I have had a hip replacemrnt and back operation, so I stay home a lot. Thank goodness your mom is ok-Good to see her in your show. You have a rreally good and funny show and also Portia is beautiful.Merry Christmas and every one should pray for sick and those less fortunate. Ellie