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Name Ella
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Hobbies Reading, traveling, developing and teaching Christian Education offerings.
About Me Retired RN. Worked past 28 years at the local VA hospital. Mother, grandmother and great grandmother . Active church member , I have belonged to the same church for 60 years. Retirement can be boring, I stay as active as possible to prevent this happening to me.
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587 days ago

Hi Ellen, love your show and think you are a wonderful caring person. I don't always get to see it at airtime, so I tape it everyday. I have entered the 12 days giveaway almost every day. I don't understand why sometimes I am sent an email requesting I verify my entry and other days I do not. My entries are always timely before the deadline. Does not receiving an email requesting verification mean that my entry for that day was not accepted. Thanks, for making so many people happy. Ella L.