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elizabeth williams
Name elizabeth williams
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About Me mother of 2 brandon 20,and allen 14,never learned to drive, biggest dream is to travel been in a relationship with boyfriend/fiance for over 23 years,love to laugh,and would die to meet ellen she is so wonderful i would probably cry all over her lol,
elizabeth williams
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592 days ago

hi Ellen i'm not good on the computer so please excuse my goof ups this is the first time I have felt so strongly that I wanted to send a comment anywhere I love your show I always try to out dance you since I'm the only judge sorry but I always win lol you bring so much happiness into the lives of others I think your awesome I try to be a good and honest person like you I dont have an income so I cant do much just little things like carry an extra pair of gloves or kleenex to give to someone or donate a few can goods to food banks or just standing up on the bus and offering my seat to someone I dont have many friends i stay pretty isolated I suffer from bouts of depression but on my good days it feels great to share an hour of laughs with a friend and not feel so alone I always cry when you do your giveaways sometimes I pretend its my family thank you for the joy you bring into my life and happy holidays to you and your family when i get better and back to work I cant wait to com see your show in person