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Elizabeth Rickman
Name Elizabeth Rickman
Location Northamptonshire, UK
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Hobbies Animals and their welfare, helping animals by educating people. Vegetarian cooking, stained glass, reading. Most of all my cats!
About Me The most constant aspects of my life are being a long term vegetarian and lover of animals. Many things come and go in ones life, but for me these have remained. It is the foundation of my daily life, it is my religion, my Ahimsa. So, I am starting up a charitable fund to help animal charities , especially the smaller ones who get overlooked. It is Animal Utopia Fund. All donations will only be for the animals welfare. Please check out Be part of the solution, please help me help the animals.
Elizabeth Rickman
Quote of the Day: Be Kind
336 days ago

Be kind to little things!

No act of kindness is too small !

Elizabeth Rickman
Message from Ellen
394 days ago

Obviously I love your show, unfortunately the U.K. is two weeks behind the USA?
The other bummer is living out of the USA and Canada, your rules do not allow me
to enter any competitions. I do understand in a way, but if your show is on air in another
country, we should be eligible to enter competitions.

I am American living in England for 28 years now. My wish is to return to Washington State to retire and be near my daughter and grandson. It's in the hands of the gods!

Elizabeth Rickman
Check In to Viggle!
431 days ago


There are so many others that are really in need of $20, 000.
This money would help me move back to Washington State to live near my daughter and grandson. I have lived away for 27 years. The plans always seem to be one step forward and two steps back. My daughter and I are both animal protectors/rescuers and vegetarians. We need to be able to work together for a very special project.