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Elizabeth Lindsey
Name Elizabeth Lindsey
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Hobbies Retired, watch tv mostly. Ellen my #1 daytime show! I use to collect cat items like ceramics but all kinds of items that relates to cats! I had 4 at one time so I'm down to only 1 and he's a hoot! Quincy, his name, is part Mainecoon and use to fetch anything you threw. Like me, he's older and we just love each others company. I also have a dog, Nena, who keeps me busy playing the game, let me in-let me out! I have a husband and a grown son, who lives in his own home. I have had MS for almost 18 years and I've finally slowed down due to this but watching Ellen helps me feel hopeful.
Elizabeth Lindsey
Miley's Wedding and a Surprise Bachelorette!
571 days ago

Watched the show tonight and I actually got to know Miley Cyrus. She's actually down to earth and I look forward to watching her career! What a fun hair cut for a fun young lady! Didn't realize she seems to have her future with a husband already planned out at such young age.Settling down on an island in Australia sounds pretty good. Team Miley, all the way! Thank you, Ellen, for making my day a little brighter and funnier. You crack me up and I know you must have a great life with your wife keeping her in stitches as well. Happy New Year to all!