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Elizabeth J White
Name Elizabeth J White
Location easley, sc
Age 52
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Hobbies art , drawing painting, sketching, reading, writing bothering famous people just joking
About Me wow ......I am a artist in Easley SC though I have been at this at 52 I've only just begun to start the biz end of it, I have two grown sons and one apple of her granny j s eyes my little Cac Man..........this is hard writing about my self............I could tell you about my baby my jesibelle lol my car, about to leave me stranded but she doesn't matter you want to know about me, well I grew up as a Air Force Brat Started School in Okinawa had a teacher that looked like ruth is is it busby? any way the lady off laugh in. She would see me writing with my left hand and give me a whack with a yard stick, and to think I can still write with that hand, I know on your show you have these give aways and more, I couldn't afford the gift tax lol, I really need a car I have started recently being accepted into some art events , my car use to be good until my son grew up got a lis. wrecked it about three times got a job, nice car and left mama with the remains. I have to have space for art supplys luggage and more. I have a dream that before my time comes people may never know me but maybe I won't leave a mark on the world but maybe just maybe a small smudge. I would love to get a picture of you that is not floating around and paint it of the two of you, send you the original.....I have just recently got the label of Folk artist, I have many works on face book their are so many many things as you can see I am not a writer but artist well I guess in the eye of the beholder, trying to make my dream come true, when I was younger, I never wanted to share my work with the public, but after a brief week end the hospital, finding out I have copd(which is not a death sentence by any means) and the sleep thing, which many have but still it got me think'n I have all this art, if something happens to me, nobody will ever know , I always wanted to take formal training and my dream that I have had in my mind since I was born and looked up at mama and said hold still wheres my paint brush lol My dream is to get on on one instruction with a famous artist, I would like to turn my carport into a real art studio, I don't want a new car, just one that runs and looks pretty decent, and a well lit studio to work in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you can check out my work online so you don't think I am a total nut, I also have a bio and portfolio of some of my work, going to piccolo Spoleto this weekend for my small role in art, just recently got juried into greenwoods festival of flowers and you can find my art among the many wonderful artists les Beaux Gallery Greenville sc
Elizabeth J White
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351 days ago

Ellen I am sooooooooooooo desperate just didn't know where to turn, I am to shy to be on the show, but am so in need of a car you just don't know how much it would mean to me to have a dependable ride.........I don't have much money, I tried to trade my hoopty car in, and still was turned down, on such a tight budget, I have parents that live a hour from my home and I have to get down there regularly to help out with chores, I am afraid, my ride is about to leave me stranded any day now, if it breaks down, I don't have money to have it fixed, and I would be walking home, because I want call my aging father, and have him in jeorpardy on the road, I use to do wood working and got to where I had to start in a new direction physically and emotionally I could not do the jobs of my past, it was suggested to start showing my art by my late sis, and now I am, but there is also traveling involved and more, I really really need a ride, I really really really oh Ellen did I say really really oh and one more thing did I for get I need a ride, I have a 1999 ford Taurus, that my son wrecked twice in the same place a tree on the right front fender twice, it has over 200,000 miles, all four tires are bald and the trans is messing up to fix it would cose more than it is worth not enough to get a new, not enough to get a used, not enough to fix the used falling to pieces car,,,,,,,,,,,the late patsy cline didn't know at the time she wrote that song about my car fall to pieces can you please help me to help me