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Elizabeth Hand
Name Elizabeth Hand
Location marietta, ga
Age 58
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Hobbies gardening,woodwork,painting,decorating,refinishing furniture
About Me i'm married to my best friend 25 years in oct.i have a beautiful 37 year old daughter,i now only have two cats,leyla and grady. i am originally from rochester, new york
Elizabeth Hand
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422 days ago

I don't know if this stupid computor is working. but if it is, I love you Ellen, I love your show, I love your heart.this is the first time I ever got this far on the computor. I hope I'm in the right place. I wanted to Facebook when the president of the Humane Society was on so you would get the 25,000 people to come on Facebook.I don't know how, but I made everybody in my exstended family to do it.I hope you get this, It took me 45 mins. to type it.