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Elizabeth Habiniak
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About Me I am a divorcee and my 2 sons, 25, 29 live with their dad as he has the money that I don't.
Elizabeth Habiniak
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230 days ago

For Christmas, I wish I could afford to come visit your show. I am in NY and almost broke, therefore maybe 10 years I can come visit your show if you are still on. I don't foresee you not being on. You make my day when I come home from work and watch your show. Some times I see your show when it's on and yet other times I don't get home to see it so I watch it later as I DVR (Tape) it, You make me smile and laugh all the time. Since I live alone no one sees me laugh, LOL I love how you are so happy all the time. I hope to some day come see you with my friend Linda as I think she would love to see you also. Any ways I can rattle on and on. OOPS, I am sitting here watching you with the peanut butter vodka. It taste just like it says. I don't like the butter popcorn as it didn't taste good. I have never taster the Absolute Cintron. I work in Save-More wine & liquor store in Menands, NY. I really can't try all the favored liquor as I am a diabetic and they make my sugar spike. Well you have a good day. just wanted to say hi