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Elizabeth Greaves
Name Elizabeth Greaves
Location sydney, NSW Australia
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About Me From Louisiana but now live in Sydney. High school English teacher. Loves to laugh.
Elizabeth Greaves
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
550 days ago

I am Ellen's biggest Australian fan. I, too, am from Louisiana like Ellen. I have followed her career from her early stand-up comedy days when she had that adorable mullet, wore baggy pants and had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Next, I was a big fan of her sitcom with Paige, Spence and Audrey. I still think the scenes with her 80s dancing moves in her living to prepare for going clubbing with a younger guy on a date were some of the funniest things I've ever seen. I was moved when she came out on the show and sad when the show ended, wishing her resiliance to come back even stronger. She did. I know it must have been a rough time for her. I was so happy when her talk show started. I had moved to Australia with my English hubby and was raising two small children. The show came on at odd hours here and it made me feel connected to the US, especially in times of crisis like the Hurricane Katrina floods. I remember seeing her bro Vance sing with one of my fave local bands Cowboy Mouth after the floods. She has an Australian connection with Portia, of course, so that made me feel closer, too. Mostly, I have always loved to dance. The show's intro always brimgs a huge smile to my face and makes me want to dance as well. Dancing makes any problems you are facing seem that bit smaller somehow. I was so excited to hear that Ellen was coming to Australia! Since I live in Sydney, I would love to be able to attend the Sydney show. Elizabeth Greaves