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Elizabeth Dawson, LPN
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About Me Homebody! I just received my LPN license after a life long dream of becoming a nurse. I am currently in the RN program @ Bay West College in Iron Mountain, MI....I will hope to be finished this December...The classes are very hard, therefore I suspect I will be doing very much studying and have little to no time for anything else..I also am an accountant by experience for 15 years..I do the book keeping for Nine Lakes Sport & Marine in Spread Eagle, Wisconsin, which is right across the border. I have 3 biological daughters and a grandson, along with a step son and his two children. I Love my mom and I try to be a good person in general. I have my "best friend" as my cohabitant, after a first marriage with a not very nice man for 15 years. I was let go from my last job after reporting being sexually assaulted in my home on August 10th (Thursday, may be the 8th),by the vice president of the company. I sued and won a small amount of money which paid for the living expenses without working for quite awhile with three daughters to take care of in my home at the time. I lost everything, including my house, husband and my credit score I had built my entire life. I am one of those that Dad didn't want anything to do with me. I have never met him. I could write a book Ellen, but I choose to be positive and just keep pushing forward with life...
Elizabeth Dawson, LPN
Kitty Christmas Photobomb
230 days ago

So cute! Once upon a time i had rescued a farm kitten. I then had to go see my family for a couple days for Christmas (500 miles away); didn't even think to take her with me, but I left plenty of food and water and litter and toys and the house was warm, i was single at the time. I came christmas tree was plopped over on the floor with the remaining water in the stand soaked into the floor. That kitty was so wild that i was not able to train him and the previous owner was glad to have him back as a barn cat.