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Elizabeth Caro
Name Elizabeth Caro
Joined 215 days ago
Hobbies Love to give food to the ducks, and play with my adopted cat her name chiqui
About Me I want let you know, the first time went I watch your show, really touch me, because is not many people like you Ellen, thanks you are very special person, I want to be like you, helping others and make them happy. Love you, I hope one day I can see you be nice, God bless you
Elizabeth Caro
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Elizabeth Caro
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172 days ago

Congratulations!!!!!!!Win 14 times it is great, I like something very much you said to the people, you love to make people happy, me to..I love cats to, I rescue one babe cat the other day....Love you God bless you!

Elizabeth Caro
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214 days ago

Ellen, please open the door from you studio and have me and my husband, that can be a great and nice
experience to meet a really one of the best person in the world.
We love you, thank you for make so many people happy. God bless you!