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Elizabeth Brehm
Name Elizabeth Brehm
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Hobbies Watching Ellen and HGTV and raising my daughter!
Elizabeth Brehm
The HGTV Cousins Are Here
296 days ago

Hello to Aunt Ellen, Uncle John and Uncle Anthony as you are now all known to Juliette! :) This is "the" Elizabeth mentioned in the above clip and I just cannot thank you all enough. Our home is beyond is our sanctuary, our soft place to fall and somewhere that I will never, ever take for granted! I tell Juliette all of the time just how blessed we are. I am thrilled for this couple because I KNOW how life-changing it is going to be. If they feel anything like I did afterwards, I was at a loss for how to communicate my gratitude and how to thank everyone enough - just pay it forward! Much love - we miss you all at Ellen and HGTV! XOXO
Elizabeth and Juliette