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Name Elizabeth
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Hobbies work with children & craft
About Me Im a mom who dedicates her life to her two beatiful children they are my life and everything I do, I do it for them. Im back to college to make my favorite hobbie (work with kids) a real job. Im working hard to be indepent and give a good quality life to my children. I focus on the good and forget about the bad moments on life. I learn everyday and look the positive things on everything. My gift to this world and to everybody its an SMILE Hey! its free and gives a positive message =)
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
551 days ago

Wish you Ellen a beautiful birthday! May all the love from us your fans fill you with happinnes :-D

Message from Ellen
564 days ago

Hi Ellen I'm a huge fan of your show. Since I moved to LA I found your show the most positive & fun. You give me a moment of daughter and mom together at the tv. Thanks ...

Quote of the Day: Still Young
588 days ago

Its amazing how you bring a happines to our life my daughter and I are big fans of you :-)