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Name Elizabeth
Location Hume, mo
Age 58
Joined 444 days ago
Hobbies fishing baking outside walking if I can
About Me im 56 yrs I love to fish and bake. like sewing when it wet and cold.rasing my grandkids 4. 16,14,13,5 there our life.
Mark Wahlberg's New Baby Girl
198 days ago

Ellen we are so so proud of you for winning the people choice awards all 7 of us vote for you from Hume Mo we love and are so very proud keep up the great work we will never stop watching you The Leer Smith Sales Evans family

Emma Thompson Gets Wild
210 days ago

Dear Ellen frist of Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts,my old man and grandkids and daughter watch u everyday u our keep us going.we dont have alot.but we have each other and and wife and mother have a wonderful christmas and happy new yr.Now for today show our youngest grandson said to ms emma had a few thing wronge with your anmails u was showing.he 5 yr old we just laugh at him and told him.she was making everyone laugh.thats way she was trying so hard. thank you for beening part of life

Win Tickets to Ellen's Birthday Show!
210 days ago

yes i would love to come see u for ur birthday but you have buy something from your shop we would love u all 7 of us would love ur underwear but we cant afford them. we are on fixed income and daughter is part time the granddaughter has alot of health problems. we try and win stuff all the time but you have to try to win, but we will not be trying for your birthday tickets so sorry. we can't afford anything from your shop. But Have a very Nice Birthday and we will keep watching all the great stuff that u do Elizabeth Leer of Hume Mo

Win 12 Day Tickets from the Ellen Shop!
225 days ago

we are so happy to see your show everyday your on you make our family laugh i see how u help so many people thank you for what u do.we arent having much of christmas this year. because our funace we out. it was a lil more impore the christmas this yr, we all live together tomake the bills and housepayment.what money we get disble 710.00 and our daughter 230.00 every two weeks he daughter has health problems and doesnt work full time.our truck blow the motor two months ago so lil hard to get around sowhen u come on all our problems go away for a hour.thank you for listing and please keep helping so many people thank you Ellen,and thank you for listen grandkids are 16,14, 5 yrs old the tell everyone about u and what u do. Elizabeth Leer