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Hi Ellen

Thank you so much for pledging to help us save our furry friends! I am the fundraising manager for a rescue group here in Australia called Arctic Breed Rescue. We specialize in rescuing arctic breed dogs such as huskies and malamutes that are on death row in pounds. The sad fact is that we are at breaking point. We have more than 30 dogs in our care looking for new homes and are unable to help anymore at the moment due to financial constraints. We are under pressure with too many needing us due to them being a cute and fluffy puppy impulse buy that turns out to be a very energetic working dog. There is also a 'puppy farm' locally breeding many many malamute dogs that often have serious health issues - many of these end up needing our help. Some of these dogs require thousands in vet care, but they deserve a chance at life just like the others.
Yes we are in Australia, but as you know, us Aussies love you :) We also have a good relationship with another similar group in Texas named Texas Sled Dog Rescue. We have helped each other in times of need and it really is a special thing when strangers are united over facebook due to the love of the breed.

Anyway, thanks so much for pledging to help rescue groups, they are all so worthy!

You can visit us on facebook under Arctic Breed Rescue - we would love to have you :)