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Name Elisabetta
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Ellen's Aunt Helen
292 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with You and Your family.

Ellen Had a Bad Dream
293 days ago

Ellen, You're practically PERFECT in every way, so don't worry about it! :-) :-) :-)

Is That Ellen?
293 days ago

I found this one: :-)))))))

"Helen of Troy is a 1956 Warner Bros. epic film, based on Homer's Iliad. It was directed by Robert Wise, from a screenplay by Hugh Gray and John Twist, adapted by Hugh Gray and N. Richard Nash.
Release date: January 26, 1956 (USA)"

Bethenny's Times Square Surprise!
431 days ago

I hope it's a good investment for You Ellen!
P.S.: Bethenny is the kind of woman that I carefully avoid! She scares me! She seems to me the antithesis of what You are!
P.P.S.: ... in her defence, her voice doesn't help her either!

It's Official: 'Finding Dory'
482 days ago

Congrats Ellen, ehm Dory!
2015 Wowwwwwww!
May I have a free ticket for the premiere, pleeeaaase? :-)

Jimmy Kimmel, and a Big Announcement from Ellen!
565 days ago

I hope the big announcement is that ... Your entire shows will be simultaneously broadcasted on the web!!! :-)
All the world will see Your greatness!!!

Message from Ellen
582 days ago

Merry Christmas to You and Your family! :)

Portia de Rossi, Jerry O'Connell and LL Cool J!
647 days ago

Woooowwwww bellooooooooooo!!! :)

Send Love to Ellen's Mama
672 days ago

Get well soon, Betty!
Love from Italy.