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elena alvarez
Name elena alvarez
Location goleta, ca
Joined 603 days ago
Hobbies work,cook,clean help the schools
About Me im a person with alot of compassion.
elena alvarez
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596 days ago

Hello again Ellen wouln;t miss u for the world.Watching u right now. Wish I was there in person.My kids keep asking me when they can meet you also? I keep telling them some day and now everyday they ask if today is the day.i don't want to disappoint them so I hope one day that day comes for them.peace always. Elena,Tony,Junior,Santana and Leylah.

elena alvarez
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597 days ago

Ellen, I am your biggest fan in SAnta Barbara.My only wish is to meet you one day!You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! th
Thank you for uplifting so many spirits when so many people are down and out. love,joy and peace to you and your family and to tge entire world. I could use some of your holiday giving down my way. It:s hard beign a single mother of 4.As long as I can watch you daily I feel blessed!! I remember you since Star Search and I loved u then as I do now.

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