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eleanor  tolbert
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eleanor  tolbert
Miley's Wedding and a Surprise Bachelorette!
382 days ago

Hi Ellen again. I will like to reenter the 12 day giveaway contest again. I am requesting the same help. The need to loose at least 100lbs or more followed on your show. I am excited to do this. I know I Can do this with the help of the lord and you via Nutri System or Jenny Craig diets. My friend Dorothy Howard loves you too and would like to diet with me. We would like to visit your show after we have lost at least 50lbs. We love you Ellen and your beautiful heart. your show is getting unreachable.

eleanor  tolbert
Win the Prize from Ellen's 12 Days Bonus Bonus Day!
395 days ago

Hi Ellen, Glad to contact you. I would love to win something today. I have never won any thing in my life. I would like to be on your show later about my weight and soon. I wrote you last week about my weight size of 350lbs. I love you Ellen.

eleanor  tolbert
Check In to Viggle!
405 days ago

Hi Ellen
It is such a prevelidge to communicate with you. I am a friend of the community and would like to participate in todays giveaway. I do not have much time left. I have to write to you later my time is up.