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Elaine Morehouse
Name Elaine Morehouse
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About Me Married to Chris, 27 year old son named Jeff, 2 lab dogs named Bear and Duke, and lots of family and friends. I love life:)
Elaine Morehouse
Bon Jovi
267 days ago

Ellen....I am in New Brunswick Canada. You are a great and loving person. For everything you give, you will get back. I know that you are be loved by many and I am one of them. You give so, so much to others and I hope you have much joy in your life:) I am looking for the clip of Jon Bon Jovi, which is my life time hero, he sang on your show last week. I heard it was great and I missed it as I was working. Please post the song that he sang. Thanks and God Bless you for all you do. Love always Elaine Morehouse