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Elaine Getchell
Name Elaine Getchell
Joined 684 days ago
Hobbies I cut hair,read, work out with weights.
About Me I am 55 years old. I cut hair for a living but not as much as I used to.I have MS for 35 years. I have a bad limp not bad for having MS for 35 years ,you have to fight it and I do.
Elaine Getchell
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369 days ago

I love it when Sophie Grace and Rosie are on.The day you gave them the cotton Candy. Their eyes just lite up.

Elaine Getchell
Message from Ellen
369 days ago

I just want to say you are a very special person to do what you did for Talia before her passing. You made her so happy she shined she was so happy and you did that for her.Thank you very much for that. Yes she was a very special person and I will pray for her every day because of you.Thank you very much and I am so sad for her passing,she is with the angels now and no one can hurt her ever again.

Elaine Getchell
You Write, Ellen Responds!
544 days ago

Ellen I hope you have a great birthday. Happy Birthday . My birthday is Feb. 2 Ground Hog's Day so I always think of you because it is a week before mine. Hope you have a really great day.

Elaine Getchell
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614 days ago

It would be nice to win something once in my life. I have never won anything and probably never will. I would love to come and see your show but that will never happen.

Elaine Getchell
Message From Ellen
683 days ago

I just love Sophia Grace and Rosie. they are adorable. I just love when they sing their songs on your show. I love you and your show.I
been trying to tweet but I don't know if I am doing it right.