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Ela Wojtowicz
Name Ela Wojtowicz
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Hobbies Reading, writing, walking outdoors, swimming
About Me My name is Elizabeth Wojtowicz. Friends and family call me Ela. I have Cerebral Palsy but I do not let that stop me! I am a very determined, loving and passionate young woman, who wants to give back all the love and support that I have been given throughout my life. I AM a Yoga Teacher, a disability activist and humanitarian and lover of life and the grassroots non profit organization "Off The Mat, Into The World" I would not be here today without the tremendous love and support from my Mama, Tato (Dad in Polish) and my sister Marta. They have been there for me in all my challenges and accomplishments and I love them so much!
Ela Wojtowicz
A Tap Dancer Who Proves Anything Is Possible
300 days ago

Wow! Evan is such an inspiration to me in many ways. I feel like we have so much in common; we both are from Jersey and defy the odds of our physical challenges. Watching him dance is so beautiful because he doesn't let anything stop him from living his life and his passion! I have Cerebral Palsy as a result of my premature birth, which asks of me to use crutches for stability, strength and independence, but my disabilty doesn't define me and it sure doesn't define Evan! We just happen to have different ABILITIES! Thank you so much,
Ela :)