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Name Eileen
Location Virginia Beach, Va.
Age 60
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Hobbies Reading, hiking; walks on beach and trips to the mountains for foliage.
About Me I was just a worker amoung workers! Had my share of relationships; I think maybe fantasy is best! :) I love to laugh and just have a good time. We are only here for a moment.
You Write, Ellen Responds!
224 days ago

Ellen and Portia Rumors To The Gossip papers about E and P:
Ellen and Portia's
Spectrum of Love
For us to love, is to commit ourselves, freely and without reservation. We are sincerely interested in each others happiness and well being.
we will try to fulfill each others needs, and will bend in our values depending on the importance of our needs. If one of us is lonely and need the other, we will touch, if one of us needs to be held, it shall be done. If in that loneliness one of us needs to talk, then we'll shall listen. If we need the strength of human touch, we shall hold each other intimately. If one of us needs fulfillment of the flesh, we will give that also, but only through our love.
We will try and be constant with each other so that we will understand the core of our personalities and from that understanding we can gain strength and security that we are acting as ourselves. We may falter with our moods, we may project, at times, a strangeness that is alien to us, which may bewilder or frighten us. There will be times when we question our motives, but because people are never constant and are as changeable as the seasons. We will build up within us a faith in our fundamental attitudes and show each other that our inconsistency is only for the moment and not and not a lasting part of us. We will show one another love each and every day for each day is a lifetime. Every day we live, we learn more how to love. We will not let our love be deferred, nor neglect it. If we wait until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. It is like a cloud in the sky passing by. They always do you know! The degree of our love is determined by our own capability. The capability is determined by the enviroment of our past existence and our understanding of love, truth and God. Our parents, friends, places we have been. Each experience is fed into our minds from living. We will give each other as much love as we can. If we show each other how to give more, then we will give more. We can only give as much love that is needed, or allow each other to give. If we receive all we can give, our love is endless and fulfilled. We give all we have being who we are.
Love is universal. Love is the movement of life. We have loved as little girls, parents, art, nature. All things in life we find beautiful. No human being or society has the right to condemn any kind of love we feel or our way of expressing it. If we are sincere; sincerity being the honest realization of ourselves without hurt or pain for our life or any life our lives touches.
We want to become truly loving spirit souls. Let our words to each other, if we must speak, become a restoration of our souls. But when speech is silent, does a women project the great depth of her sensitivity. When we touch, or kiss, or hold one antoher, we are saying a thousand words.

-twalter Rinder - TO Ellen and Portia- from Eileen Boston! Tell them Boston's says Print this truth...if you know how in those papers!

Wishing You Both
Healthy and happy New Year and Merry Christmas.......

Show Us Why You Love Ellen!
286 days ago

Ellen is so loved because she is real! Down to earth and believe she really cares about folks. Ellen is a natural and would help everyone if she were able. She has not let her awesomeness go to her head!

Portia's Birthday Gift for Ellen!
301 days ago

Portia, you are awesome! And with a great sense of humor, You and Ellen Make a wonderful couple. I wish you both all the best, and happiness, good health this planet has to offer, from my heart!


Movie Pick: Chasing Ice
319 days ago

Your show was awesome today! I actually got to watch it until the end; how wonderful. Ellen, I got to say you are a natural for your field. Some people work at it, study it. you my friend just got it! When you had the young ladies sit on your star and meow like kittens,that just cracked me up. your sense of humor, the way you look at some guests when they are telling you something, it just blows me away! It's like, well almost I know what your got it and they can't take it from you. You are blessed with your humor; sometimes I get into trouble with my sense of humor, people don't know when I am joking whic is most of the time; keep up the awesome work...keep smiling and keep your wife smiling! )

Boston Eileen in Virginia beach....for now!

8 Days Until Season 11 Premieres!
329 days ago

support the United Cancer Foundation; any way you can...Make lots "o" Noise....Let the all know out there "it can happen to anyone of us at anytime".....

The Ellen Show Wins 7 Emmys!
402 days ago

Ellen when your awesome! they can't take that away you are the best girl and keep up your and wife looking great1

You Write, Ellen Responds!
406 days ago

Hi Ellen,

During your huge give aways are you offering health insurance? Since my company of 7 years; and provided them 110% of best. Well I went on Employee paid LTD after have my left kidney; ureter tube and part of bladder removed due to cancer. The HR department telephones me and states "after 6 mos. of disability we let employee's go". How nice; why sell LTD to me? Then fire me when I need the heathcare more than ever. Do you believe there should be a law against this action? I was on LTD for 6 mos. cancer, major depression; PTSD. This is my thank for services.
Eileen M. May

Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
407 days ago

Hello Ellen,
I was at the cancer treatment center in Philadelpia for Kidney cancer. I met a group of people who became like family. We all supported each other one way or another. One young lady and her spouse were extremely thoughtful with me. Kristi Grisse and her husband Monty were in the room next to mine at the hotel were we stayed and took shuttle to cancer ctr. Kristi is not only taking care of her Mom, she was there with her husband Monty who had Pancreatic cancer. He beat it for 5 years, which is imaging. However, I just learned he passed away on April 23rd. Ellen Kristi is an awesome person! I would request her nomination for cash give away or something to help her. Since Monty passed, Kristi can no longer keep the family home in North Carolina. She needs to sell and her and mom need to move because she can not afford alone. Kristi always knocked on my door to make sure I was alright, and if I wanted her to bring me something to eat from the center. Ellen I pretty much keep to myself and she was an awesome thoughtful person.
Taking care of her mom and husband, and still helping others. Please see if you can help her in any way at all. She is having some real bad days and It would be great if someone could do for her.
I am not great at sharing the emotional stuff, however my heart is very grateful for the group that I was there with. Thank you Ellen for time.
Eileen M. May

my email is: mayeileen470@gmail.comm age 59 hope to get to the big one!!!!!!!

Ellen's Favorites: A Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
412 days ago

Awesome, Awesome quote! Thank you for sharing that. The world is a crazy place, your sense of humor is great! I am trying to keep mine right now; I cannot comprehend how a company can fire a person while on employee paid long term disibility recovering from cancer. Top performer; made tons of money for them; after 7 years this is the thank you. This is the policy after someone is out six months diability we let them go. Policy? Could not provide this to me. This company is a world wide corporation. I believe maybe medical claims? Made a ton of $$$ for them and they drop me (health insurance) when I need it most. I just want to thank you for that wonderful quote! There is a song that states "the bigger the are the harder they fall". We will see. I wish you much happiness in your life and marriage Ellen. I have watched you when you first started stand up. I love that conversation with God about what fleas are for! Keep smiling and making others smile!!