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Edwin Aviles
Win Tickets to Ellen's Birthday Show!
185 days ago

My wife and I watch your show every day and tape it in case we are not home. I have to be honest, I at first did not watch your show, but she sat me down and told me see how good it is. Anyway, now I'm hook and I want to personally wish you Health, Happiness, and a great extended career. Therefore, I have to thank my wife since everyday I get a great laugh from you and your show. You are an angel in all you do and your smile a great beam of hope. Thank you! So HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE love you!!!

Edwin Aviles
A Bullied Student Finds an Inspiring Hero
660 days ago

I truly admire this young man for coming to the aid of another person in need (and yes, Jordan may be gay, but he is still a person). Regardless of your religion or beliefs, no one should be treated the way Jordan was mistreated. I was a Police Officer and have heard many comments about Gays, but I believe these comments came from their own insecurities. We are all brothers in the eyes of God and we all should strive being good to each other, then maybe this world would be a better place for all!