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Ellen Congratulates Gwyneth Paltrow with Strippers
453 days ago

There is never a show of yours that doesn't make me smile or laugh my butt off. I am 68 going on 69,where the hell did they all go? Retired and thankfully have a small mortgage left. Your show has given me such joy so many times, thank you. Cher brought back memories, as in the late 70's I was liaison to the stars at Resorts Int. in AC NJ and took care of stars needs in dressing room and suite. Cher was one of the best to work with. I often wished I could meet Betty White since I was a fan of hers since Life With Elizabeth and her costar would say "Say Good Night Betty" and she would reply "Good Night Betty" Who could not love her. Thank you very much Ellen, now I have more damn wrinkles from laughing so much..... Luvya seriously Ed Keller