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earnest saunders
Name earnest saunders
Location fort drum, ny
Age 32
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Hobbies Love to watch Ellen and love being with the family. Love to watch and play all kinds of sports
About Me I am an army soldier and a loving husband. I love to spend time with the family and going to new places. I love theme parks and can't wait to go to Disney world and universal studios, but can never go cause of money. We are saving to go next year.
earnest saunders
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375 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I want to start off by say my family and I love your show and you put a smile on our face even on a bad day. I want to tell you a little story that happen on Halloween last year. I am in the army and I just came off a 24 hr shift and I fell fast asleep to waking up in pure horror from my wife yelling the house in on fire. I quickly got my family and ran out the house. What happen was the people that were upstairs did not put out a cigarette and left the house. See we live on post and we live in a type of an apt setting. So the place was in flames. We manage to try to save most of the things we had but most was gone due to water and smoke damage. We got some money from our insurance but what we lost we just replaced and lets say thing are very expensive now. well we replaced everything that me needed. Right now me and my wife are trying to save to go to Disney world or universal studios, but like everything else money is always a big deal. We are managing and we are getting through it. I just have one thing to ask you Ellen. I know you are a really caring person and you touch everyone in a way that from having a bad day you change it to a happy and bright day. I would love for my wife to see one of your shows and I was wondering if you can help me with that. I just want to know how much it is so I can get her a ticket and if I don't have enough you think you can help me with the rest. She has had a stressful couple of years and our family is in San Antonio TX and we are in New York. I just want to meet Adam Sandler and the rest of his gang cause I feel I would fit in with their goofy self cause im goofy. Thanks Ellen for listening and have a great day.

Love your friends
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