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Hello Ellen,
My 4 friends and I have been constantly trying to get tickets to your show.Unfortunately we have had 2 failed attempts. Once we got close to getting in, but were left to watch your show on the television screen in the lobby (which was still AWESOME). Then we got tickets for another showing so we didn't lose hope. The second time we all had school and we went to our first classes and missed the rest of our classes to go to your show, but we got there to late :( We are all College students who are having a difficult time balancing school, friendships, and our situations at home. I have always felt that humor can cure all, which is why we love your show. You bring us great joy when needed the most.My friends have lost hope but I have not and we are all huge fans of twilight and would be immensely grateful if you would give us tickets to your show.
Thank You for your time
sincerely the representative of 4 college students who are your big fans and are dying to go to one of your shows. :)