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Dot King
Name Dot King
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee
Age 63
Joined 641 days ago
Hobbies crafts, photographing, sewing, cooking,playing games
About Me I am 61 feel like 40, have partial disability due to bck injury, I am in LOVE with being a Nana to my two Perfect GRANDsons. I grieve the loss of my younger son Toby. but at peace knowing he is in Heaven. I Love people and Happy things. I Love to Give!
Dot King
Exclusive! Ellen Gets Down in Rehearsal
229 days ago

Hi Ellen, Happy Monday. I dreamed I won all 12 days of giveaways and woke up really happy for about 2 seconds. What was worse is, I sat there alone, embarrassed LOL.
Love you Ellen and if oyu are ever near Chattanooga TN. I would love to meet you.
God Bless

Dot King
What’s Trending: December 2 - 6, 2013
230 days ago

Dear Ellen and Staff, No matter if I can or cannot win the 12 days giveways, I want to Thank you each one for making my heart smile everyday. I have a depressing life (most) of the time since I lost my son Toby, My sister Lynn (we were supposed to grow old together) and my Daddy who also happens to be my hero. I DO try my best to think and be positive and mostly succeed with a chat with my closest friend Janet whom is Amazing, and of course watching you daily. I am partially disabled, enough that I cannot work, there fore disability check of $838.00, monthly allows for not much. My biggest need is a couch that I could use as a bed. Mostly though I want to give my Grand children a nice Christmas Gift. All that aside, I want to tell you that you have inspired me so much, and I see through your helping others, there are so many more people that need you. I Sincerely, thank you from the core of my heart for your kind heart in helping those that are struggling. THAT, is what makes my heart smile. I look forward everyday to havng my hour laugh with you and the whole group there. God Bless you each and everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year, Respectfully and with Love in my Heart, Dot King. p.s. I would LOVE to meet you one day <3

Dot King
Caption This! Baby's First Photo
442 days ago

(baby in pink) Caption. "Did you hear that? Well you're gonna smell it.