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dorothy m moon
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About Me I am 49 years old, and have had Rheumetoid Arthritis since I was 23. I raised two biological children 29 year old Jennifer, and 25 year old Christopher. Five years ago, we added 9 year old Bob. We also have my 81 year old mother-in-law living with us, who I consider my mom. She is the most patient, loving and helpful mother-in-law I've seen. Also, my husband is a veteran, maybe not a recent one, but he served his country proudly. Any help you can give him will help, just to show how special he is and how much I love him...
dorothy m moon
It's Twits & Ask with Ellen!
518 days ago

Dear Ellen,

My son was in Australia for 10 weeks it's Melbone, not Melborne Americans say it wrong Sorry for the correction.

dorothy m moon
You Write, Ellen Responds!
604 days ago

Dear Ellen,

My husband , Rich, is the most wonderful man in the world. For 26 years he has helped me through my illness, Rheumetoid Arthritis. Two years ago he decided to put an apartment and addition on our house for my sister, who promptly decided to move back to California. For the past three seasons he has had to have four surgeries, and is now recovering from surgery for herniated disks. So, as you can imagine we have a half finished addition, and the money for it has dwindled away. He is very discouraged and we can't take another mortgage.
Since he has taken so mush care of me our adopted grandson who we are raising, he is nine years old. Also, my mother in law lives with us. There just never seems to be any extra money to put towards the addition and apartment which will bring us in an extra 1500. a month in rent.
Anything you can do for us would be greatly appreciated. We have been married 31 years January 2, and can't even go away to celebrate.
I would like to show him how important he is to me. Without him I'd be lost..
Please help if you can


Dorothy Moon