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Dorota Zdanowicz
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Dorota Zdanowicz
Harry Connick Jr., Kai Langer
440 days ago

I am 28 years old and I sing exactly like Kai. I am glad that there are people who appreciate that kind of talent... Maybe one day I will sing on your show :)

Dorota Zdanowicz
Where'd My Show Go?
441 days ago

It is good I can count on you to stay on TV and on YouTube where I watch you (it takes too long to download on your internet site and there are no full episodes anywhere). I do not have my own TV so I watch everything on my computer and that is how I found you. Last year I made come true my biggest wish so I had to come up with new one. My new dream is to visit America, Warner Brothers studio and to be on your show on the audience. That is why I need you to be there and continue your work as I need 7 more years to save enough money (if I stay in my courrent job). Hope you can make it :)

Dorota Zdanowicz
Heidi Klum, Michael Weatherly
466 days ago

I think that that hat isn't compleat. It should have one more thing standing on it like a flag or something... Then it would be the killer at a patry. Still, I cross my fingers for Heidi to win the contest. Good lack!

Dorota Zdanowicz
Matthew Perry's Peach Joke Reaction
467 days ago

Well, I told that joke at work (in Polish) and I was the only one laughing...

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