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About Me Hi my name is Doris Vanover,I was raised way back on top of Stone Mountain in Rogersville Tenn. We had it pretty rough at time growing up. My Dad got bad sick and had to stop working when I was little and my Mom Bless her heart couldn't get a job because she couldn't read or write. We never could afford to get electricity or water put in our house, but we had alot of love for each other. Well I thought I was never going to get to leave that old mountain but I did when I was 16 yrs. old.( Boy how I miss my mountain home ) Now all these yrs. later here I sit writing to Ellen WOW how my life has changed. I had to quit my job back in 2006 because I got very bad sick, I come very close to death but I put everything in GOD'S hands and I'm still here. I'm still sick but so thankful to be alive. GOD has been here for me all through my storms. So that's just a little about me.. GOD'S LOVE AND MINE...
Doris Vanover
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Hey there Woman hope you are doing fine, You just tickle me to death when I watch your show. I love how you have such a big loving heart, and such a fun loving person. I've been pretty sick and haven't worked since 2006, So I'm home most of the time and I get to watch your show and when I'm feeling down it makes me laugh. I know I want win anything because I'm just not a lucky person, But I'm very Blessed to be sitting here writing to you. Hope you all have a very very Blessed and Merry Christmas. And always remember JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.... GOD'S LOVE AND MINE TO YOU ALL... Doris Vanover