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Doris Heslep
Name Doris Heslep
Age 74
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Hobbies Art and crafts, oil painting,gardening,pets,animal rescue
About Me 72 yr.old retired from electric utility company. live with husband of 33 yrs.and three dogs. Stay active with short walks after 4 spine surgeries,and craft projects. Love to work with plants in spring and summer.
Doris Heslep
Anne Hathaway, CeeLo, and Day 11 of 12 Days
593 days ago

I am a retired lady,72yrs.old. I am recovering from 4 spine surgeries. I am able to walk on walker and make trips to grocery and other stores. I live with my husband of 33 yrs.& our children, 3 Schnautzer pups. Our day revolves around your show. If we are going to be away from home,you are on our recorder. It brings so much light & joy into our days. We admire the generosity that you share with people in need. It warms my heart to know that there are people of your status that can still share with people that are not. I am sitting here watching the horrible tragedy at the school shooting in CT. It makes me so terribly sad for the children and their poor parents that have to face life without them.I lost my son in 2009. He was 50 yrs.old and had a heart attack. As hard as that has been for me to accept. I just had to trust GOD's call.My prayers are that these parents will be able to draw on their faith and know that GOD called their child to be his special angels. Sorry to ramble on but I feel I can talk to you on a one to one. GOD BLESS you, Ellen. Take care of your beautiful wife and thank you for just being you. Doris Heslep