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Doris Grey
Name Doris Grey
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About Me Hi Ellen I am a 62 year old young retired woman that has been with my girlfriend for 25 years we both retired when we found out she had breast cancer,its been a few years and she is doing well,we are home today on my 62nd birthday watching your show because we love it,if you could would you consider letting my lovely better half come to one of your shows she would be so happy to see you,we tried to get tickets for our 25th anniversary but were unable to. Thank you so much for the fun everyday.Doris
Doris Grey
Bethenny Frankel, Martin Short
414 days ago

I just love your show,my girlfriend and I of 25 years this month have been watching your show daily,we are watching it today on my 62nd birthday because its what we do,thank you for the daily fun,we are both recently retired,we decided to just take every moment together after she was diagnosed with breast cancer,she is doing well since her Kemo,mascectomy and radiation,at 66 she is as strong and beautiful as the first time I saw her in 1988,we wanted to visit you in person but have not gotten the chance to get tickets but will keep watching you,thank you again for all the fun,Doris and Florence.